Sunny Horizons

Speech Therapy for a Brighter Tomorrow

Initiating Services

We accept referrals from parents, teachers, doctors, health departments, and other agencies serving children.

Information we need to get started:

For Evaluations and Therapy Services please call our office at 256-609-6946 and our office administrator will ask for some basic information regarding your child.  This will include:

Your child’s primary care physician.  We will need a referral or prescription order prior to the first appointment.  We can call and ask for the order/referral for you as a courtesy with your permission.

A copy of your primary insurance card and or Medicaid card will be needed at the first visit.  For those with insurance other than Medicaid we can call as a courtesy for you and find out your plan benefits and eligibility prior to your first visit.  To do this we will need your contract and group number, date of birth, address and at times your social security number.  Having this information in advance will let us know what will be covered and what portion you will be responsible for(co-payments, deductibles, etc.)

Once we have this information we will call to set up an appointment and get started with therapy.  It usually only takes 1 day to complete this information.

We participate in the following Health Plans:



Blue Cross Blue Shield

Optum Health

United Healthcare



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