Sunny Horizons

Speech Therapy for a Brighter Tomorrow


on February 25, 2014

Q: My 3 ½ year old has recently began to stutter by repeating a lot of his words when he’s talking. Sometimes he also gets stuck on words and can’t seem to get them out. Should I be concerned?
A: Stuttering usually appears between 2 ½ and 4 years. It is also more common in boys. However, about 75% of preschoolers who begin stuttering eventually stop. Things to consider to determine if your child may continue to stutter include; family history of stuttering, stuttering longer than 6 months, the presence of other speech and language difficulties, and strong concerns about stuttering from child and parents. Stuttering can be very hard on children and not only cause difficulty with communication but can contribute to poor self-esteem as well. The best thing you can do is let your child finish what he is trying to say without interrupting him or trying to finish the sentence for him. An evaluation performed by a Speech Therapist would be helpful to determine if your child is at risk to continue to stutter.

If you feel your child may benefit from speech therapy or you have questions about your child’s speech and language development please call us at 256-609-6946.


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